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The originating and core expertise of ADC which served as its launch pad in 2005 is in delivering Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the District Cooling industry. As the real estate market grew in double-digit percentages year-on-year in the UAE in particular and the GCC in general, so did the district cooling sector during the 2004-2009 period. Such an industry which became the largest of its kind internationally required very proficient Contractors to deliver ever bigger plants.

ADC has been building and delivering successfully over 30 such projects spanning from 5000 Tons plant expansion to 90,000 Ton plant totaling over 1 Million Tons, under Design & Build, Procure & Construct and mainly Engineer, Procure and Construct contracting schemes. In order to succeed in delivering those solutions in a cost effective and timely manner as well as in bringing added value in terms of value engineering and advanced solution, ADC had to assemble an impressive team of design engineers, procurement and administrative staff, but also a solid group of construction specialists. ADC’s Quality Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning help the various teams’ communication and exchanges process flows smoothly and accurately.