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Solar CSP


With the ability to produce power as much as 6 hours after sunset, CSP can offer the added benefit of extended power production, long after PV is able to.

ADC is able to offer CSP solutions under its EPC umbrella with the same project efficiency thus giving our Clients the benefit of an objective option when it comes to Solar Energy. ADC recognizes the importance, pros and cons, of both PV and CSP, and rather than champion one over the other, opted to enhance its capabilities in delivering both options to its Clients, depending on the local conditions and suitability

Whereas Solar PV technology converts sunlight directly into electricity using PhotoVoltaic cells made of semiconductor materials,  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems concentrate the sun’s energy using reflective devices such as mirror panels or troughs to produce heat to be generated into electricity

Despite its slightly higher cost, Solar CSP is known to better utilise thermal storage to better match energy supply with demand. Intriguingly it can also act as a steam generator, in locations where it is needed.