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Chilled Water Network

The design and construction of District Cooling Schemes always include the chilled water reticulation and Energy Transfer Stations ETS. ADC Energy Systems experience covers the reticulation piping design and construction, which is always coordinated with the DCP design and construction. ADC has designed and built reticulation piping for several projects either along with the DCP or in separate contracts. The chilled water reticulation piping include pre-insulated buried piping (trenched in some cases), valve chambers, fiber optic cabling, and leak detection systems.

Another important component of the District Cooling Scheme is the Energy Transfer Station ETS. The ETS room forms the front-line interfacing component with building HVAC systems. ADC has also designed and built many ETS rooms in several projects. The ETS design must also be coordinated with the DCP design especially with regards to the control system. The ETS room includes several components such as heat exchangers, control valves, and control panels. It is important to note that ETS rooms are not used in certain projects