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Project Scope / Highlights

The project in its completed stages (2 stages) will be providing a combined capacity of twenty thousand tons of refrigeration (25,000 TR) including TES tanks, and serving the ADNEC district of hotels, office buildings, and conference centers. The plant consists of 20,000TR of series counterflow chiller modules and 5,000 TR TES tank in additon to an external CHW main header of over 1 Km of pre-insulated pipes.  


Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) District Cooling Plant


Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Plant Sizes

25,000 TR

Development / Client

PAL Cooling Holding

PAL Cooling Holding is based in Abu Dhabi and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAL Group. With over 450,000 TR signed concessions and a healthy pipeline network, PCH is one of the top players in district cooling industry in UAE today. Development of DC Facilities in these concession areas are at different stages of design, construction, and operation. PCH owns and operates number of district cooling plants located across the city of Abu Dhabi. PCH has built number of plants having combined design capacity of 245,000 RT with current installed capacity of 85,000 RT.