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Foreman – Electrical

Job Purpose:

Electrical foreman are supervisory electricians who oversee planning and implementation of large electrical projects. Formal education is not necessarily required, but completion of an apprenticeship is a typical way of gaining appropriate experience and licensure in this field.

Required Skills:

  1. Able to read Drawings.
  2. Good level of spoken & written English.
  3. Charismatic personality.
  4. Able to alert problems on site or Drawings.
  5. Capable of managing a group of  3 Chargehands.
  6. Switch Gear installation & alignment.
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Labor Supply & Subcontractor Supervision.
  9. Coordinate with other Disciplines to perform his duties.


Have a high school diploma or an Associate’s Degree and have studied electrical or engineering.


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